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  • A Cadaveric Study Using Navigation to Compare ROM in Hip Resurgacing vs. THA, 2009
  • Implant Position in LIS Hip Surgery Showed Reduced Variability When Using Surgical Navigation, AAOS, February 2007
  • Retrospective Muscle Sparing Dual Incision Hip Study
  • Osteonics Series 7000 Total Knee System, 1995-2000
  • Secur-Fit HA PSL Acetabular Cup Study, 1997-2004
  • Prospective Muscle Sparing Dual Incision Hip Surgery with Navigation – see results below:
    • In this study a computer assists the surgeon for the most accurate alignment.
  • Scorpio+ PS MBK IDE Study, 2002-present
    • This knee joint replacement device rotates slightly internally and externally similar to your natural knee joint.
  • Muscle-Sparing Hip or Knee Joint Surgeries with Navigation
  • Triathlon PS Total Knee Study
  • A prospective Multi-Site Study using the Dual Incision with Navigation


  • Dr. Nessler sis 456 Dual Incision procedures between March 17, 2003 and December 21, 2005. Of those patients sixty-eight had the other hip done with an alternative approach. We surveyed this group of patients to see if they had a preference with the results of this survey shown in the pie graph.
  • Surgical Navigation Study Shows Better Implant Alignment