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Patient Tesimonials

Charles C.Charles C. – Surgery

I am delighted with my muscle sparing hip surgery. The pain was gone immediately. I had my surgery on Friday and was home again on Monday, using only a cane. I was faithful about doing my at home physical therapy 3x a day. I started walking 1/2 mi. when I got home and increased my walk to 1 mile 10 days post op. After 2 weeks I was walking normally, without a limp, without pain and without a cane. The entire surgical experience and the recovery exceeded my expectations! Thank you to Dr. Nessler and his whole staff.

Charles V.Charles V. – Surgery

Eight months after my hip replacement I hiked above Greeley Bowl at Alta, Utah ready to ski into perfect conditions: 12" of fresh powder and a clear blue sky. Only one thing was missing - the pain I had endured from my arthritic hip for 20+ years.

I've always been active but I had given up favorite sports because of pain and lack of flexibility. Simple things like putting on a sock, tying a shoe and getting in a car were painful. I was 51, and despite the pain, had planned to wait for years before I had hip surgery. However, when I saw a friend who recently had muscle-sparing hip replacement, I was amazed at his rapid recovery and I scheduled surgery in Minneapolis. Then another friend that sells orthopedic products suggested I see Doctor Nessler who was doing the muscle-sparing procedure combined with computer assisted navigation. After meeting with Doctor Nessler I was convinced the computer assisted navigation was an important enhancement to the procedure.

I couldn't be happier with the surgery, the recovery and the results. The staff at St. Cloud Hospital was very attentive. I was out within 3 days of surgery, walking several miles within a month, hiking for miles in the mountains of the North Cascades National Park within 4 months, and finally back playing competitive racket sports and skiing. Only one thing is missing - the pain.

Cliff T.Cliff T. – Surgery

What a thrill and gift to be able to water ski and play tennis again; particularly barefoot water-skiing. More importantly is the opportunity to sit with my family at church and the dinner table again.

I have lived a very active life, and thought being so active would keep my joints healthy. Unfortunately this wasn't the case, all the pain medications were taking a toll on me. Despite wanting to wait until my 50th birthday in December to have the surgery I could find no relief from the pain and decided to give up my summer activities. I received my new hip June 28th, went home June 29th and within two weeks I was bicycling. What a surprise to be able to return to water skiing, tennis, and most of my activities, four weeks after surgery. The concern over losing range of motion in my hip, as you can see, proved not to be the case. My disclaimer is that Dr. Nessler was not aware of some of these activities and advised me otherwise when it was brought to his attention.

*Cliff had his knee replaced in 2006 and was waterskiing again at 4 weeks however, this is strongly discouraged and does not represent typical recovery or activity levels of replacement patients.

Mike R.Mike R. – Surgery

Osteoarthritis had caused the cartilage surface to wear out in my hip. At 58 years old, the pain and stiffness had caused me to be less and less active and finally not able to continue a daily physical fitness routine.

The procedure was the Dual Incision Muscle-Sparing Surgery and lasted only 1 hour and 15 minutes. The following day, I was walking using a cane, with no pain, to scheduled rehabilitation sessions. The second day after surgery I was released from the hospital with only soreness in the upper left thigh.

The second week after surgery I drove to work and spent a half-day at the office. Starting the third week following surgery I was able to walk without the use of a cane. After my thirty-day checkup, Dr Nessler indicated I could begin low impact, daily physical activity at my fitness center. The left hip has responded well with diminishing inner thigh soreness. Upon completing my ninety-day post surgery checkup I was given approval to ease into a return to the racquetball court. This is a sport I have played for more than thirty years and find enjoyment and exercise in a competitive physical activity. Dr. Nessler and his staff get my personal "Thanks" for returning me to daily activity without pain through this effective procedure.

Please click here to view his surgery.

Charles C.Charles C. – Surgery

I was an active male, age 47, who enjoyed tennis, golf, and snow skiing before developing bone on bone degenerative arthritis in my left hip. I lost range of motion and experienced pain with every day use of my hip. I delayed my surgery for four years in hopes of improved materials and techniques. Finally, my investigating paid off. I spoke with three of Dr. Nessler's early patients using the muscle sparing dual incision surgery, they were all doing great.

My surgery took a little more then one hour. My recovery was much easier than I expected. I was in the hospital less than 30 hours. The first five days I used a cane. Within two to three weeks the exercises became easier with less pain. By the fifth week I was able to saddle a horse. What a pleasure it will be to go on trail rides with my wife again. Thank you Dr. Nessler for making my active life possible.

George T.George T. – Surgery

Although I never restricted my activities, the groin pain when sitting was the most bothersome to me. Both of my surgeries were with the limited invasive procedure and I was hospitalized three days. I was walking without a walker in two days and without a cane in a week. I am pleased with my results and find Dr. Nessler and Jerry enjoyable to work with.

Angela S.Angela S. – Surgery

Diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Angela was severely limited in her daily activities requiring a total hip replacement at age 23.

Before surgery, I was not able to do many things like walk any distance, Jet Ski, and tubing. Most of my outdoor activities bothered me. After the surgery, I am able to ride on my Jet Ski, bike, walk, and just move around. I was in the hospital for three nights and the recovery went well. The recovery went smooth and quicker then I thought it would.

*This picture was taken at the end of July 2004. Please check with your surgeon before returning to these types of activities.

Kathy L.Kathy L. – Surgery

Before my surgery, not being able to walk any distance and standing for an extended amount of time bothered me the most. Since my surgery I was able to return back to my job at the computer lab in less then two months and return to the activities I really love; like participating in my grandchildren's activities. Just being free of pain while walking or grocery shopping has been great.

This was my second hip surgery, I had the opposite side done about nine years ago so it was done the traditional way with a lot longer recuperation time. Four months compared to two months with the Muscle Sparing procedure. The general anesthesia made me very sick so I was pleased with the spinal anesthetic as I had very little after effects. The pain was much greater with the traditional surgery, presumably due to the larger incision, and cutting through muscles. The other noticeable difference was the strength in my leg came back immediately following the two incision operation.

I have been extremely happy with the Muscle Sparing 2 incision hip surgery. I am eternally grateful to Dr. Nessler and this new surgery for giving me my life back!!